February 20, 2014

photography credits to Simran

Sweatshirt - thrifted
Jeans - Old Navy
Combat Boots - Dr. Martens
Flannel - Forever21

Denim with hefty boots and wrapped a flannel around my waist for that grunge look. Getting the flannel to "casually" look good around my waist consisted a lot of pulling and tugging. Admit it, flannel is one of the fundamentals in grunge fashion. It simply adds dirt and coolness to the whole thing.

My hair is parted symmetrically here. I thought it might look appealing but as I expected.. the results were not entirely flattering. I prefer to keep my hair parted on the side (like I always do) instead.
See you in the next post. It's gonna be all about some cool visuals since the weather is being a d-bag so can't really do a shoot. It's troubling to dress impressively when it's always snowing and raining like every other day.

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