Come At Me

Photography Credits to Jenna; Location - Long Island

Confetti Sweater - Old Navy
High Navy Jeans Stretch - BDG.
Black Combat Boots - UrbanOg
Bitten Apple Necklace - Sammydress
DIY Studded Backpack - Ebay

This outfit is casual of course due to the jeans and boots. Tucking shirts in my pants has been my style lately. I feel like it can create fuller shape to your body. If you feel like your outfit is too casual, you can always spice it up with any interesting accessories such as a bag or a scarf. Well 2013 is here no doubt. I wish each and everyone of you a Happy New Year and hope that you can accomplish your goals and have as much fun as you can.

I recently created a new instagram! It would be lovely if you can follow (of course, I will follow back). My instagram: everlastingpure
There was no way I was going to enter 2013 alone so I immediately hopped on the train to my best friend's house right after work. There were a lot of people dressed up in the city! So fancy and sparkly outfits and a lot of confetti sprawled all over the place (in subways, streets, etc). On the other hand Jenna and I were in our sweats and eating good food at home and watching NYC celebrate New Years. Teehee. During the day, we decided to eat at TGIF and browse through the mall. I also got my brows done... I know that was unnecessary information...

Also you must know that after Christmas, many stores are having sales! I bought a cute jacket from Forever21 half of it's original price! It's because they need to get rid of clothes from 2012 since the year ended and also the winter season is ending soon. Retail stores must launch their spring collection soon. So watch out! As February approaches, many stores will increase their sale prices. Happy shopping and 2013 everyone!

Jenna's dream camera! So clear (: