Updates and OOTD Illustrations

July 31, 2012

I have decided that every time I post an OOTD, I will draw clothes of what I wore. I think it will come out a nice combination. I intend to draw it first to see the way I see how the outfit will come out then there will be pictures of me wearing them. These are the drawings above based on the past "Outfit of the Day" posts. I'm not sure if I should color it or just leave it black and white. Coloring can be very time consuming so maybe I'll just watercolor it, not sure. I'll improve my drawings overtime so try to bear with some messy areas.  I apologize if the drawings came out a bit messy and some stains on the paper. I was eating right next to it ._.

Also I might not be able to post the next 2 days because of work. So I apologize for that again and see you in the next post (:

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  1. I love this idea! Your drawings are great! I think they look quite nice in the black and white. Great blog



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