4 Stylish Types of Cardigans to Keep You Cozy

Lately, the weather in New York is increasingly becoming colder and still dropping. Today is 40 degrees!
This is definitively the time when layering is a must. I think the ultimate wardrobe piece that is best for any layering techniques are cardigans! Cardigans are so versatile and keeps the body warm in a fashionable way. There are four types of cardigans that will definitively be a great statement during the cold weather.

Boyfriend Cardigan
My all time favorite will always be boyfriend cardigans. I love anything that's oversized because it's so cute with anything and it looks flattering on the body. Boyfriend cardigans tend to be heavy knit, one solid color, and very droopy.
I suggest pairing these types of cardigans with leggings or anything slim flitting and top it off with cute loafers during cold weathers. For late night activities, perhaps a dress that falls down to the cardigans' length will do and pair it up with some cute platform boots.

Open Front Cardigan

Not very much into oversized? Well then, the easiest way to show off your feminine figure while keeping a conservative and professional look is to wear an open front cardigan over a knee- or calf-length dress and belt it. Just like boyfriend cardigans, layer it with slim pieces underneath. This type of cardigan is still casual but maintains a womanly style.

Cropped Cardigan

Cropped cardigans falls right about the waistline and it's designed for anyone to wear anything high waist ideally flare dresses or skirts. Cropped cardigans are definitively something fancier to wear for a party or a special date with someone. If you ever plan to rock in these, make sure its high waist because it creates this illusion that you're taller.

Maxi Cardigan

You can still dress bohemian during the winter by adding a maxi cardigan! Just wear it with flowy dresses or jeans or however you want it. Maxi cardigans have been really in trend lately especially thin patterned ones which is known to be called kimono cardigans. It looks great with shorts and tank tops during the summer days. For more tips in wearing maxi cardigans, check out this blog.

Cardigans is such a common fashion piece that appears in stores and in women's closets obviously because it basic and comfy. To top it off, it goes well with any season especially during the winter. There's endless ways of layering an outfit with cardigans. Just out my curiosity, which is your favorite type of cardigan and how would you style it?


Something Punk

photography to Connie

Clear Spiked Choker - Etsy
Overcoat - Liz Claiborne
Baby Pink Mohair - c/o Missguided
High Waist Jeans - Pacsun
Platform Boots - H&M

I absolutely love pastel colors but I'm always too scared to dress in light colors.
Hence you can see only one pink sweater while the rest is black ish.
I feel like dressing too much pink might look too girly or very expressive of myself.
So I always dress in darker colors to hide my insecurity and then add some spikes to assure safety.  I love my studded choker that I received as a bday present from my none other, best friend Jenna. Not a lot of people notice the spiked choker until I start to itch my neck and then they start to back off a bit. Haha.


Marled Effect

photography to Brian

Marled Grey Knit Sweater - Lightinthebox
Platform Chelsea Boots - H&M

I absolutely love anything marled! Lately I'm into subtle different shades of the same color and especially the color gray. Just the other day, I couldn't help but buy marled socks when I was with my friends at Forever21.

I got this sweater from Lightinthebox which is a cool site that sells a variety of stuff.
Personally, I got attracted to their asian fashion clothings. I'll be sure to do a review later this month.
Hallowee  just passed, I didn't really do anything particular but go to the Nyc nightmare haunt. It was pretty spooky but mostly fun. What about you? Did you guys dress up or anything?
Happy November!