Not Dot

Greetings everyone!
This outfit seemingly has some folk vibes to it since I'm wearing a super long skirt and not to mention the background looks more rural! Nonetheless, I hope you guys find the combination of crop knit and maxi cool.
photography to Connie

Vintage Polka Midi Dress -  Ralph Lauren
Bag - Vintage
Beige Socks - Muji
Platform Boots - H&M
Somehow I always find myself drawn to polka dots.
Hence, I fully let the outfit focus on the dotted patterns with complete black surrounding pieces.
Since the weather is becoming colder, you can't really tell but I layered my knit over the dress.
Please bear with my slow updates for I am terribly forever sorry ~



Too bad that Summer is ending. It was fun dressing in loose and tropical pieces while it lasted!
Stay tuned to see my Fall outfits! I just love fall... more oversized tops!
photography to Jenna

Thrifted Flannel - Gap
NYLA Crop Shirt - Brandy Melville
Caged Platform Sandals - Ebay

Unfortunately, the rest of the photos that I took last week vanished including the outfit that I wore with Minh!
I'm so upset but here is my last summer outfit, instead.

Here I am, wearing an oversized flannel with platform shoes. Don't worry, I'm wearing shorts under!
I love anything oversized! It makes me feel cozy and safe, keke. Being that I'm petite, oversized pretty much makes me even tinier. So I added more inches to my height by wearing these babes.

Here's Brian's mini outfit of the day. He appeared on my blog earlier this year in a much sportier look.
It's like we're total opposites! Hope you don't mind the pretty boy's outfit~


Style by Soho Grand

During fashion week, there was a event by Rachel Zoe at Soho Grand yesterday.
Yesterday was a very overwhelming day since it was the first time I have met Minh Huyen, a fellow German based blogger, and experiencing the frenzy of that day . Unfortunately, this was the only one that we were able to cover from the whole eventful week...

Here are the photos I captured and I hope you really enjoy browsing through these photos. Look carefully at the details that I have selected and snapped below! Most of these attendees are well known fashion bloggers and major editorialists so you may see familiar faces, keke.

Many photographers (and us as well) were waiting for the chance to capture their outfits upon their arrival. Of course, this was my first time appearing in such places like this so I found it to be quite thrilling yet overwhelming. Indeed, all of the attendees dressed powerfully to leave a strong impression.

Nonetheless, I was really happy to do a blogger meetup with Huyen today! It was actually her idea to visit by Soho Grand and catch a great glimpse of everyone's own fashion style. She will be here in New York for awhile so you'll be seeing her with me frequently. Visit her blog since she took so much more photos than I did and much more full body outfits and bloggers as well 

My next post will be the outfit that I worn during that day. Please look forward to it!