Zaful Review

December 13, 2018

On this blog post, I will be doing a clothing review with ZAFUL, an online store that sells pretty trendy clothes. I've collabed with them a couple times doing looks in the past and recently they reached out to me for a review post. I'm a fan doing reviews so I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did documenting this!

I will be giving my fully honest review about this store and their quality clothes. Please scroll down and press the READ MORE button if you are interested in comparing the stock and real photos! I'll be posting looks with these products in future posts and on social media. Will link to them later.

Cute Summer

September 14, 2018

photography to Jenna

BLACK BAG: Nine West

This outfit is the summer outfit 2!
Summer outfit 1 ♡ 2  youtube

This outfit was very summer inspired look with the light colors and the floral print top. I love the tube tops that are in trend and when I saw these straps attached to the tube from ZAFUL that you have to tie which creates a ribbon flowy effect, I thought that's such a super cute idea! The jeans from POPJULIA were kinda big on me (partly because I didn't read the sizing measurement) so I had to pull it up often that's why you can see my my belly button showing. Still think the jeans are cute though! I can deff wear this in my fall outfit looks maybe.

AMC movie theaters got this weekly thing that's like $5 Tuesday tickets so Jenna and I decided to watch "Crazy Rich Asians" because of all that hype and tbh, it was super corny and cheesey. I understand there's a lot of hype because the actors are all Asians and the acting is amazing but just personally, it wasn't super comedic as I thought it would be. Jenna felt the same too lol but it's ok cuz we spent like $5 on it anyways. What I'm really hyped is this movie that's recently released about this suspense movie around an Asian American family. Looked really exciting to watch!

Cherry Summer

September 10, 2018

photography to Bella


This outfit is the summer outfit 2!
Summer outfit 1 ♡ 3  youtube

I recently went to Coney Island to meet my close friend Bella! It's been months since I've last seen her. The last time I went to Coney Island was actually last year with her around this time in the summer. It was a super hot that day and we were dumb and wore jeans TO THE BEACH... haha wtf were we even thinking!????? Whatever, it was still dope- we laughed it off and went on those amusement park rides. We definitely learned from our dumb decision for sure cuz this year I opted out to wear a flowy, breathable maxi dress! She was wearing cute big tee.

I love the gingham pattern on this particular dress - it's so simple and cute. The pattern gingham reminds me of summer and so does cherry so I decided to pair them together with this beautiful cherry crossbody bag from ZAFUL. The 3D cherry is made from red knitted pom poms which is truly the cutest thing I've ever seen on a bag!!

Summer Date

September 5, 2018

photography to Jenna

MILK BAG: Aliexpress

This outfit is the summer outfit 1!
Summer outfit 2 ♡ 3  youtube

I love this playsuit from ZAFUL because gingham is my favorite pattern to wear in the summer and also the color pink! The back strappy details is cute and it's adjustable for basically any size so that's pretty neat. I found this playsuit to be super cute and young vibes so I just went for that cute young vibe look by having my hair in twin tails, lol. My other looks are coming soon and I can't wait to share them with you and finish up the youtube video!

Use "ZFTina" to save some $$$ when you shop from Zaful!

Meibe Laneige Korean Skincare/Makeup Review

August 21, 2018

Sorry for the long awaited review. This review is going to be extensive with a before and after photos (photo heavy beware). In this blog post, I'll be doing Laneige skincare/makeup review from MEIBE. This Korean based website sells different Korean brand names in skincare and makeup at discounted prices. There are so many varieties and Korean brands that are available on their website. Please do check their website out-

MEIBE was kind to send me products to review and there will be more upcoming review blogs of Korean products from them in the near future as well! I want to thank them so much for their patience and sending me these products because *spoiler alert* IM IN LOVE WITH THE PRODUCTS!

As always, I will be giving a full honest review of each products. Please scroll down and press the READ MORE button if you are interested in seeing the swatch and how it really looks!


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