cute tourist starter pack

photography to fuckhighclass blog

What I wore
Black sleeveless crop top - American Apparel
Black gym shorts - Forever21
Grid socks - Ebay
Black Platforms - H&M
Fanny pack - Amazon
Rose cap- Aliexpress
Rui Jun's outfit
Anime eyes crop tank - Ebay
Black sailor school skirt - Dressin
Platform Boots - Rosegal
Banana Totebag and Pink Cross Choker - Shopchokers

yes I am-sterdam!
I have never been to the Netherlands, let alone Europe. Here is my little touristy outfit!

What made me want to come here was that my good friend Rui whom I met through blogging along with her boyfriend Michael was there. I am so excited to meet them ever since the day I bought the airplane ticket. Truly so glad to meet them online and grateful that they are showing me around.

Check out this babe's blog -
She posts a lot of things like reviews, inspiration photos, and style looks
You will see a lot of us in the future! I will post a travel watev journal later.

ripped jeans b slayin + StyleWe review!

photography to Jenna
Lulu Black Grid Tank - American Apparel
Ankle Band Cleated Platform Sandals - Boohoo
Holographic Tote Bag - Ebay
Don't you just love showing skin in the summer???
I like wearing skimpy (but fashionably appropriate) clothes on super hot days.
Sweating less and looking sexy at the same time is important
As for the review~
StyleWe kindly sent me these distressed jeans that I immediately was attracted to. I find myself in love with how intricate the ripped parts came out so well. These jeans are super comfy and perfect for the summer. StyleWe is an online clothing and accessory shop with pieces created by many different designers, who offer infinite types of styles. Each of their collections are very unique and stunning.

Be sure to check out their online shop -

Halter bby

photography to Sam
Pink Halter Top- De Janeiro
Black Velvet High Wast Shorts- GU
Bart Simpson White Socks- Harajuku, Japan
White Fisherman Platform Sandals- Boohoo
Opal Crystal Choker- diy

Summer is here and I'm so excited!
Obviously more work and self studying continues...
Me and my friends went to see a sidekick and she read my palm and told me a guy friend really likes me. She continues, saying that I am going to be successful and have a house (yay) and have 2 kids (eeek!). It's really nice to hear those things that she told me.